Carbon nanotubes


Multi-walled carbon nanotubes

We specialize in the conversion of plastic waste into multi-walled carbon nanotubes (CNTs). Plastic waste is first decomposed by heating into gas via pyrolysis. The gas is then utilized in our innovative catalytic system to grow CNTs via a chemical vapor deposition process. After the synthesis, CNTs are purified and functionalized using water-free techniques, allowing for efficient metal recovery and avoidance of hazardous liquid waste. Owing to our purification process, CNTs have low content of metal impurities.


Characteristics Assay method Value
Outer diameters (nm) FESEM, TEM 10-30
BET specific surface area (m2/g) N2 adsorption 150-220
ID/IG (-) Raman spectroscopy 0.8-1.0
Carbon (wt.%) Elemental analysis 95-99
Metal impurities (wt.%) ICP-OES Max. 0.24
Form available Powder

Synthesis and applications


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